Fun Spelling and Mathematics Games that Help Students Learn

Our free learning games are an excellent learning tool that can be used in the classroom every day. Students are able to work through problems at their own pace and are highly focused and motivated to complete our engaging content. Our games have been carefully designed with the support of teachers and students to focus on the things they find important. Our games automatically assess and analyze the students' performance and choose problems to meet the students' learning goals.

Key features for teachers:

  • Our games are free to use.
  • Students are highly engaged and want to learn with our games.
  • Our content is designed by real teachers using an evidence-based approach to mastery.
  • Our problems are targetted to each individual learner and will automatically adjust questions based on a student's progress.
  • Our mathematics problems focus on key areas of learning (including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division).
  • Our spelling problems work with a variety of commonly used resources (including The Essential Lists, Structured Literacy etc.).
  • Teachers can monitor their students' progress and display data in group tables or individual reports.

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